What can I expect from MicroWeb Engineering? 
  1. An honest estimate up front on both cost and schedule
  1. Frequent updates on the progress of your project.
  1. Excellent design work, balanced with common sense.
  1. The flexibility to work with the customer's employees to tackle integration challenges.
  1. A commitment to finish the job.
  1. An affordable, low-risk way for me to get my electronic design work done.

What is different about MicroWeb Engineering? 

  • We're responsive. We can often finish a project in 50% less time than if you gearup from scratch. This saves you money!
  • We're trustworthy. We'll tell you what to expect up front, and be honest with you as the project moves to completion.

MicroWeb Engineering is located in Minneapolis, MN and is dedicated to serving our customers with excellent, yet practical electronic design services.